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Washing your Rv with Roberts Rv Wash?

Roberts Rv Wash brings reversal osmosis water in there water tanks. They start by washing your roof with brushes and special soap on them to remove all dirt and grime. They always check to see if you have good or bad caulking or roof damage. Using a pressure washer they carefully spray all your roof and brushing it cleaning it good including your vents,slides and awnings.

Once they're finished with washing your roof they climb down the ladder to start washing your sides.

They wash your rv really carefully and organized so they wont miss a spot. They wash your windows and also your rims and tires.

Washing your windshield is an important side to wash they carefully wash it so they can move any insect stuck on it they watch it closely so they wont miss any.

Lastly, they finish washing all sides really good and start to dry all windows and rims. Overall it turns out really clean and ready to admire it no more dirt and insects. It only took them 30-40 minutes, they're really organized and careful with everything, they tried and accomplished to make the rv really clean and got ready to drive to the next!

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